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The majority of the world is currently hooked on #NYFW and #Olympics, but it’s also the height of the weddings booking season and we’ve been doing our homework!  Here is what we are currently crushing on when it comes to Weddings:

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  1. Cosmopolitan recently shared an article on why you should NOT buy a traditional wedding dress, and we absolutely agree. Don’t go with the usual white fluffy dress, step out of your comfort zone and get creative with it. You can read all the reasons why here.
  2. Ever thought of gifting your soon-to-be husband a ‘Groom’s Survival Kit’ for the big day? We think it’s a fabulous idea!Get inspired with this. Props to this couple for getting so creative!
  3. If you missed it on our facebook and twitter pages, we had the honor of spinning at Danielle Belusko’s wedding. The name doesn’t ring a bell? What about Topanga from Boy Meets World! See her sweet wedding video here, whereScratch Weddings own DJ was killing it.
  4. Have you heard of the latest bridal accessory? Click here to find out what it is… this was not the first thing that came to our mind either!
  5. Would you ever think that these two colors would go so perfectly together? Neither did we, but we were inspired to create a whole pin board after seeing them together. Head over to our Pinterest page to get inspired as well.
  6. These 14 engagement rings blew our minds. We love seeing ladies with unique rocks on their finger.
  7. This app claims to predict when you should get married.  Tell us what you think…believe it or not?
  8. And last but not least, Guys, listen up: BuzzFeed share’s the 14 do’s and don’ts of throwing a bachelor party. Check it out here.

Is there anything that you are currently crushing on? Share with us in the comment section!