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Mixing it up with your wedding DJ

There’s a reason certain musical mixes have the ability to move people – physically and emotionally – while others fall short.

Actually, there are hundreds of reasons.

Musical geniuses from Mozart and the Beatles to Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z knew which beats, keys and instruments were a match and which ones clashed. A marquee DJ must have that same refined ear and deep musical knowledge to keep the dance floor bustling all night.

One of the many requisites for DJs at Scratch Weddings is the ability to collaborate with brides and grooms to assemble the audio building blocks for the most important day in a couple’s lives. In interviews with our colleagues, the following emerged:

  • There’s no such thing as “one size fits all. ” Great care must be taken to identify musical genres, artists and tracks that the best fit for the bride, groom and guests.
  • Knowledge of and comfort with cultural and religious wedding traditions can make the evening’s music even more enjoyable. Look for a DJ who is eager to incorporate these special songs – either played in full or mashed up with modern remixes.
  • The “no play ” list is just as important as songs that make the cut. A good DJ can diplomatically explain to guests that “YMCA ” is on the no-play list without making the requester feel bad.
  • Weddings should focus on the bride and groom, not a DJ eager for the spotlight. As you plan the evening, ask yourself if the DJ should act as emcee – tastefully introducing the wedding party and those toasting the bride and groom – or would you prefer the music to do the “talking? ” Either way is fine.

Like so many aspects of life, careful preparation and honest communication are reliable pathways to success. The music at an extraordinarily enjoyable wedding is invariably the result of thoughtful planning and careful execution.