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Music Monday: Hip Hop at Your Wedding

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Our very own DJ Unos & Dubs chatted with Bridal Guide today for this week’s Music Monday feature about including hip hop on your big day! You can read the whole feature here or check out his suggestions below!

The Hip Hop genre is the essence of cross-genre mixing. Whether you’re rocking out to Outkast, Jay-Z, Beyonce or The Sugar Hill Gang, we all have been influenced by this unique and increasingly-popular genre. The origin of Hip Hop stems from DJs experimenting and playing a mix of Breaks, Funk, Latin, R&B, Rock, Soul, etc. Because this genre uses so many different genres as its base, every client that I’ve spun for always requests a good amount of hip hop at their weddings. An important part of choosing the wedding soundtrack is to include a wide variety of music that makes the couple happy as well as their guests. With that being said, almost all hip hop music has sampled some aspect of other musical genres, so how can you go wrong?

Medium Dance Songs


  • “Brass Monkey ” – Beastie Boys
  • “Rappers Delight ” – The Sugar Hill Gang
  • “Hip-Hop Hooray ” – Naughty By Nature


  • “Drop it like it’s Hot ” – Snoop Dogg
  • “Gold Digger ” – Kanye West
  • “Vibrant Thing ” – Q-Tip

Fast Dance Songs


  • “Treat’em Right ” – Chubb Rock
  • “It Takes 2 ” – Rob Base & Dj Ez-Rock
  • “Apache ” – The Sugar Hill Gang “


  • “The Way You Move ” – Outkast
  • “Encore ” – Jay-Z
  • “Hot in Here ” – Nelly