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Music Monday: Misleading Song Titles

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DJ Alkimist, one of Scratch Weddings’ elite DJs, teamed up with Bridal Guide this week to come up with some great tips for your First Dance song. Instead of giving suggestions for what to do she decided to give couples advice on what not to do! Couples want everything to be perfect on their wedding day, especially their first dance, and we know that puzzling over which song to select for that special dance can take forever!

There are many great-sounding songs out there with sweet names and lovely melodies, and some even appear to be bona fide love songs-but they may have the wrong message. Sometimes they might actually be about breakups, abuse, and death. It’s important to pick a song that’s meaningful to you… and sometimes a song may be important to a couple that isn’t a typical “love song ” – and that’s totally OK. But as a general rule, picking a song that contradicts the message of your wedding day is confusing for guests. Remember, friends and family want to bask in the celebration and love right alongside the dancing couple!

So here are some songs to cross off your list when you brainstorm for that special moment (believe it or not, some of these have actually been requested by couples for their wedding) and, finally, some tips that will help you find the perfect song.

1. Adele – Make You Feel My Love

2. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

3. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

4. New Boyz Ft. Chris Brown – Better With The Lights Off

5. Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark

6. Will Smith – Just The Two Of Us

7. Elvis Presley – Always On My Mind

8. Freda Payne – Band Of Gold

9. Beatles – When I’m 64

But don’t let this list discourage you; it’s easier than you think to find that perfect song! Here are some closing tips to follow:

1. Pick a love song that’s actually about love or happiness.

2. Pick a song that’s special and important to the two of you. Maybe it’s a song that speaks to you more than any other song, a song that came on the radio during your first date, or a song that appears in a movie you saw together (as long as that movie’s not Kill Bill or Saw V).

3. Find a song that has good lyrics AND a good melody. It can be easy to sacrifice one for the other, but just make sure that when you listen to the song, you like how it sounds just as much as the words (and vice versa).

4. Don’t be afraid to ask a trusted music expert for some advice. I suggest a Scratch Weddings DJ!


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