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The difference between good and phenomenal wedding sets

The best thing about weddings is they draw guests of all ages, cultures and musical orientations.

The difference between good and phenomenal weddings setsThat’s also the most challenging thing about weddings.


Because crafting a playlist to coax Aunt Rosie onto the dance floor without prompting bridesmaid Caitlin to flee is not a task for the faint of heart. Nor is it a skill easily learned by someone without years of experience spinning weddings.

Understanding what to look for when shopping for a wedding DJ can make the difference between a good time and a once-in-a-lifetime, I-can’t-believe-they-danced-all-night, our-DJ-made-our-wedding-the-best-ever party.

Who’s attending the reception? It’s a critical piece of information because a DJ who knows about the guests’ in advance can find the perfect music to delight the oldest and youngest family members and friends. (This is an integral part of our service at Scratch Weddings.)

Beyond having the right music on-hand, a good wedding DJ will see who’s dancing to what genres, artists and beats. The DJ’s on-the-fly musical decisions – including the weaving in of favorite songs from the couple’s playlist – will build energy and guest engagement. This isn’t done by turning up the volume to ear-shattering levels or yelling into the microphone for people to sing along. And it certainly can’t be done with canned playlists on a laptop or iPod.

A truly exceptional wedding DJ will be able to mix even the most unlikely of music into the evening, bridging generational gaps and bringing smiles to the faces of guests who recognize familiar vocals or instrumentals. Benny Goodman alongside Mumford & Sons? Lady Gaga mashed up with Marvin Gaye?

Ultimately, the wedding couple is the customer and should insist on detailed pre-wedding collaboration with the DJ to yield the right music and sound. (The videos on our DJ talent page include both an interview as well as a demo of mixing.)

Some couples don’t like it when songs are clipped too quickly. Others love a bit of scratching. Still others want to emulate the vibe at their favorite club.

Every wedding is unique, but the best outcomes are when all the guests enjoyed themselves and danced all night long.

The DJ selection process can be one of the most rewarding and least time-consuming parts of wedding planning. Your guests feet may ache, but they’ll thank you for throwing the best dance party ever.

Photograph contributed by: Ron Wilson