DJ Henry Helix
Los Angeles

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For DJ Henry Helix, music is in his DNA. Known for his infectious sets and memorable mixes, he has been a well-known DJ force in Los Angeles for over a decade. No genre is out of his reach, and DJ Henry Helix makes it his mission to ensure that no one leaves the dance floor during a Helix set. Whether he’s spinning for clients like Bacardi, at huge festivals for crowds of thousands, or at one of his nightclub gigs for an exclusive crowd, Henry reads each crowd’s unique needs with his musical sixth sense.

For weddings, Henry loves to play off the joyful tone of the event. “Everyone at weddings is in a great mood. It’s important that I select the right music, fun and energetic, and change it up to make everyone happy. I’m constantly looking up to read the crowd to see what’s working.”

DJ Henry Helix gives his best at every wedding performance, making him a top choice for brides and grooms in Southern California.


  • Bacardi
  • Crunch
  • Guess
  • H&M
  • Nike
  • Oakley
  • Reebok
  • Starbucks
  • Victoria's Secret


  • Colony (LA )
  • La Descarga Rum Bar (LA)
  • Drais (Vegas)
  • Hyde (LA)
  • Lowes Hotel (LA)
  • The London Hotel (LA)
  • Mandalay Bay (Vegas)
  • Mansion (Miami)
  • The Sayers Club(LA)
  • Supperclub (LA)
  • Vertical Wine (LA)
  • The W (LA)