DJ Jarrett Spiegel
Los Angeles

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As a DJ, music producer, and designer, DJ Jarrett Spiegel is a force of creativity on and off the turntables. Though he’s native to the windy city of Chicago, Jarrett’s musical sensibilities are distinctly west coast. Embracing the freshest selections with a touch of retro appeal, he can please any crowd with his wide musical knowledge and impressive DJ skills. He’s no stranger to playing for large crowds of eager party-goers, opening up for huge acts like Hot Chip and Cut Copy and spinning the popular secret Underground Rebel Bingo Club each month.

DJ Jarrett Spiegel has mastered the art of pleasing and pleasantly surprising clients at the same time. “When I’m spinning an event as important as a wedding, I make sure I play exactly what the couple wants to hear, but in addition, I try to come to the table with some fresh ideas they weren’t expecting.”

Clients who choose Jarrett Spiegel get a DJ with both imagination and impeccable skill creating the soundtrack to their wedding.


  • Ann Taylor
  • Crunch
  • Dave & Buster's
  • Forever 21
  • H&M
  • Intelligencia
  • Puma
  • Sports Authority


  • The Burlington (Chicago)
  • Darkroom (Chicago)
  • Evilolive (Chicgo)
  • Metro (Chicago)
  • Smartbar (Chicago)
  • Underground Rebel Bingo Club (LA)