DJ Spinosa
Long Island

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DJ Spinosa is one of Long Island’s most accomplished DJs. But his talents have not been confined to New York: this DJ virtuoso has spun everywhere from Amsterdam to Miami, and has rocked crowds of thousands with his creative and diverse sets. As a true music enthusiast, he studies all styles of music and keeps up on the latest tracks in order to maintain his key ingredient: versatility. DJ Spinosa has also spun for a wide range of artists including Underpressure, Wayne Williams, and DJ Skribble, is a favorite with high-end clients clients like Guess and David Barton Gym.

He loves to spin back home on Long Island, and especially loves to provide the soundtrack for his clients’ special day. “Weddings are a true celebration of the heart. As an entertainer, it’s my goal to get everyone present to be in that moment with the couple, happy, dancing and having a blast.”

DJ Spinosa connects with the crowd to excite everyone regardless of age or taste in music, and creates dance floor memories that guests won’t soon forget.


  • 7-Eleven
  • David Barton Gym
  • Emmanuel Fremin Fine Arts Gallery
  • Guess
  • Macy's
  • Men's Warehouse
  • Pottery Barn
  • Riverhead Raceway
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Zinc Magazine
  • Zumiez
  • Clear Boutique
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Pawparks.NYC
  • CKO Kickboxing Astoria
  • Floral Park-Bellrose Elementary School District
  • Peloton


  • 40c
  • Pacha (NYC)
  • Club Roque (Amsterdam)
  • Grace Hotel (NYC)
  • Arena (NYC)
  • Sin Sin The Leopard Lounge (NYC)
  • Aura (Long Island)
  • Mansion (Miami)
  • Club Manor (Long Island)
  • HK (NYC)
  • China Club (NYC)
  • Vibe (Long Island)
  • Rise (Boston)
  • Cain Luxe (NYC)
  • Icon (Astoria)
  • Guest House (NYC)
  • TBA (Brooklyn)
  • Ara (NYC)
  • Bar 721 (Miami)
  • Blaze Nightclub (Allure of the Seas)
  • Dazzles Nightclub (Allure of the Seas)
  • Gossip (Long Island)
  • Club Love (NYC)
  • Iron Bar & Lounge (NYC)
  • Outta Space Festival (Yukon Territory)
  • Club Warehouse (Amsterdam)
  • Napper Tandy's (Long Island)
  • Catacombs (Libertty of the Seas)
  • Club Church (Amsterdam)
  • Nocturnal (Miami)
  • Ibiza Rocks Pool (Ibiza, Spain)
  • VIP Club (NYC)
  • Club Escape (Atlantic City)
  • Pulqueria (NYC)
  • Twist (Miami)
  • Stone Rose (NYC)
  • Oheka Castle (Long Island)
  • Asseteria (NYC)
  • Frog Afterhours (NYC)
  • Bourne Castle (Long Island)
  • G2 Lounge (NYC)
  • Gaslight (NYC)
  • Keybar (NYC)
  • NYIT de Seversky Mansion (Long Island)
  • W Hotel (Union Square, NYC)
  • Gatsby's