DJ Marc Sense

DJ Marc Sense
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  • Ann Taylor
  • Microsoft
  • Red Bull
  • Puma


  • Jin
  • Lucky Strike (LA)
  • The Roxy (LA)
  • Franklin Park (NYC)
  • Southpaw (NYC)
  • Von (NYC)
  • Luka's Tap Room (San Fran)
  • Marvin
  • The Mezzanine (San Fran)
  • Havanas (Seattle)
  • Neumos (Seattle)
  • Recess
  • The Showbox (Seattle)
  • Saint-Ex
  • War Room (Seattle)


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DJ Marc Sense shines on the turntables, bringing more than a decade of DJ experience to every set that he spins. He’s opened for artists like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Mayer Hawthorne & The County, among others, excited party-goers at hotspots in NYC, LA, San Fran and Seattle, and impressed major clients including Microsoft and Red Bull. He explores a wide variety of genres in his energy-infused sets, ensuring that the whole crowd connects with the music.

As a DJ, Marc Sense respects and appreciates the importance of music at every event. “Music can bring people together, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, and I think that’s what’s really fun about weddings. I get to find that common thread among people.” He carefully selects every song in a sequence to build energy and keep guests enthralled in the celebration.

DJ Marc’s sixth sense is the gift of musical intuition that few DJs can compare to.