How to Find Your Perfect First Dance Song

from Von

Your first dance should definitely be to a song that’s sentimental to both of you. Maybe you heard the song on your first dance and it reminds you of that date every time you hear it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a popular song or easily recognizable by the guests at the wedding; as long as the two of you will be taken back to that moment as you’re dancing to it.

Keep in mind that it should definitely be danceable, too. In fact, the only time I would suggest using a song that does not have some sentimental value or attachment is if your first dance is choreographed and the song chosen is to accommodate the choreography.

It’s also becoming popular these days to have your first dance song remixed, mashed-up, or even made original just for your big day. Virtually all Scratch Weddings DJs are producers as well and can handle a remix or mash-up. I’ve also seen friends or family members of the couple creating an original piece and singing it live for the first dance. Nice touch!

One other thing to remember is that you can’t predict how fast or slow the time may pass while you’re up there in front of everyone. In my experience, three minutes is about the maximum anyone lasts. You can ask your DJ to cut the music at a designated time or agree on a signal when you want to cut the song. Or, open the floor to your guests halfway through. If you don’t have a song that’s special to you both and are looking for something that hasn’t been overdone, my personal picks are:

► “All About Our Love ” – Sade
► “XO” – John Mayer
► “One and Only” – Joshua Radin
► “The Book of Love” – Gavin James
► “Where I Belong” – Bobby Banzini

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► “All About Our Love ” – Sade
► “XO” – John Mayer
► “One and Only” – Joshua Radin
► “The Book of Love” – Gavin James
► “Where I Belong” – Bobby Banzini
► “Unchained Melody ” – Righteous Brothers
► “Something Good ” – The Sound of Music Soundtrack
► “So Close ” – Jon McLaughlin
► “Blackbird ” – The Beatles
► “Ordinary People ” – John Legend
► “Your Song ” – Elton John
► “Dreaming of Things to Be” – Frightened Rabbit
► “Strawberry Letter 23 ” – Shuggie Otis
► “Love and Happiness ” – Al Green
► “I Was Made To Love Her ” – Stevie Wonder
► “Every Little Thing She Does… ” – The Police
► “Guardian Angel ” – Ryan Leslie
► “Cosmic Love ” – Florence and The Machine
► “Crazy Love ” – Van Morrison
► “I Really Love You ” – The Ambassadors
► “3 Rounds and A Sound ” – Blind Pilot
► “No One’s Gonna Love You ” – Band Of Horses
► “You Are The Best Thing “-Ray LaMontagne
► “Fade Into You ” – Mazzy Star
► “I Only Have Eyes For You ” – Martina Topley Bird
► “That’s How I Know ” – D’Nell
► “Do You Feel Me ” – Anthony Hamilton
► “Skyy, Can You Feel Me ” – Raphael Saadiq
► “In Your Eyes ” – Peter Gabriel

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