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When your wedding cake contains dog food, you’re trying too hard

Some people just like to do things the hard way.

That’s the feeling we get watching 12 “lucky ” couples compete on VH1′s reality series Wedding Wars.

VH1's Wedding Wars Cake

Sure, we understand the allure of winning a $100,000 luxury destination wedding, including a marquee DJ from Scratch Weddings.

But instead of just taking control of their own destinies – and, admittedly, working with a far more modest budget — these poor contestants have subjected themselves to repeated Survivor-like indignities. Last week, viewers got to see and hear the inevitable consequences of couples eating a wedding cake consisting of blue cheese, paté and dog-food.

For the record, Scratch Weddings is honored to have been selected by VH1 and Wedding Wars’ producers because of our reputation as the best-in-the-class among wedding DJs. We were also a great fit because of our unique ability to spin a wedding with our team of local A-list talent anywhere – from a Hawaiian island to the Florida Keys to a glitzy ballroom in New York City or Philadelphia.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard!

After this week’s ejection of one of the most popular couples on Wedding Wars, Kat and Hollywood, it was tempting to yell at the television set: “Hey, guys, don’t worry. Scratch can still rock your dance floor. Just give us a call… after you brush your teeth to get rid of that dog food and blue cheese taste. “